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Aug 16, 2013 6:00pm EDT
their vacation at martha's vineyard. the president and his oldest daughter mallia, and the first lady were not too far behind. t >>> straight ahead on the edge, it's the new conspiracy theory that people had been thinking about for a long time, and it's been debunked. area 51 h 51 51 declassified. so what went on in there. >> what mike shanahan thoughtshh they got out of the past three weeks. plus gm bruce allen gives us with the controversy between shani and r get 3. >>> ass nation's capital's prepares to commemorate the --te as the nation prepares to commemorate the airplanes of the march, send us information, and hash tag myfoxdc, or load pictures to myfoxdc, and youmyf, have a story or idea, there's the number and e-mail address.  >>> the bikers started out at somerset, pennsylvania thislvant morning. at the flight 93 crash site andn road to the pentagon. the america's 9/11 foundationtin raises money for firstfi responders and their families. >>> the sister of the youngest victim of the boston marathonmah bombings is taking her firstfirt steps toward recovery. today her family rel
Aug 18, 2013 8:00am EDT
if they went ahead with the network. >> the president played a round of golf with friends on martha's vineyard on saturday. he spent a few hours with the first lady and his daughters on a private beach. he has kept a low profile during his getaway but he did a breakaway a bit to speak publically on the escalating violence in egypt. >> the ongoing crisis in egypt is showing no signs of slowing down. the egyptian government is going to disband the muslim brotherhood after 80 people were killed in the protests. there are more mass rallies for today today's -- today. here's more. >> death and chaos in the streets of egypt as the army's brutal crackdown of the muslim brotherhood protesters have killed some 900 people over the last several days. president obama ordered his national security team to assess the operations taken by egypt's military which could affect aid. >> experts say it doesn't buy as much influence as it used to. >> we started to put pressure on the egyptian interim government and what happened? saudi arabia said they were going to fund this. this is a message to washington. be ca
Aug 19, 2013 4:30am EDT
to the white house after a week long getaway in martha's vineyard. he kept a low profile on thee links playing with the president of the world bank, a top fund raiser and presidential aide. today it's back to work as he holds meetings with financial regulators. this morning we're waiting onre word on what w caused a jet blue plane headed to bwi to make an emergency landing.ding >> flight 827 touched down dow safely at philadelphia around 6:00 last night. none of 95 passengers and four crew members were hurt. witnesses say the crew smelled smoke in the cabin and made the emergency landing as a precaution. fox 5 spoke by phone to one of passengers, laura chase mcgee. is she's a freelance photographer after a wedding wed shoot in boston. >> i could smell smoke. i could not see it. they thought it smelled like a rubbery smoke. i the slides came out and i saws some exit from the wings of the plane. >> passengers were put on other plan planes to the area. >> crews in ohio are make ---- i.d. reid making headway in a wildfire. the blaze has scorched nearly 160 square miles near the ski town of sun val
Aug 18, 2013 6:00pm EDT
will return to the white house h tonight after vacationing on martha's vineyard for the past nine days. the president has kept a low low profile. he was back on the golf courseol today with thef pft the world bank, a fundraiser andaise presidential aid. he did interrupt his vacation to speak out publicly and condemn the violence in egypt. >> 79 people were killed in crashes between police and supporters of former president mohamed morsi saturday raising the death toll to nearly 900 inl the past four days in egypt. e with the violence showing no signses of slowing down, d lawmakers are voicing opinions o on what the united states's rol' should be. fox's brian yenis has the latest. >> reporter: united states givev egypt about $1.5 billion annually. that amount is second to the $3 billion given each year to israel. since the removal of president mohamed morsi and it violent uprising president obama stopto delivering f.-16 jets and canceled joint exercises withiss egypt but has not cut off aid. >> the president is caught is between a rock and a hard place. egypt is a very, very important c
Aug 19, 2013 6:00am EDT
plans to commemorate martha washington memorial, e-mail us at or twitter at my foxdc or facebook. time now in 6:21.  >> in today's business beat, how stores are cashing in on security camera footage. why you may not be able to sleep through work exercises. live in new york, good morning to you, happy monday to you. >> reporter: happy monday, wisdom, how are you? >> i percent can't complain. let's talk about how these security cameras are cashing in. >> there is new camera equipment that allows stores to take the security footage and improve to cater more to the customer. something ranges from $99 a month to $999 a month and there is an app called "prism." they can create charts and heat maps to help businesses improve their ability to target customers. aclu is concerned about this data getting misused. >> that's right. we can see how this plays out everybody being concerned about security. mind flash, people have to take online training and don't pay attention. my flash should change that. you may have to. >> no more clicking through online clicking thr
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5